First 500 Fans by Janelle Allen

First 500 Fans

Get Your First 500 Email Subscribers

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Discover how to grow loyal fans who will buy your products.

If you're just getting started with your email list you're probably feeling overwhelmed with information.

Take this webinar to get 1000 subscribers! Do this one thing on your landing page and triple your subscribers! yada yada yada...
Sound familiar?

The truth is, none of those free tactics matters if you don’t have a strategy.

That’s where First 500 Fans comes in.

First 500 will teach you how to create an effective list-building strategy and grow a loyal audience that supports your work. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The 5 steps I took to get my first 500 subscribers. 
  • How to choose the right email service provider
  • The first thing to do before you start creating lead magnets
  • How to research your audience’s pain points so you know how to connect with them
  • How to create and market your lead magnet
  • The actions to take on your website to convert visitors to subscribers (because none of this matters if people don’t subscribe)
  • How to connect with your subscribers after they’ve opted in
Each lesson contains a video and a workbook assignment so you can apply what you've learned. PLUS you'll get bonus tutorials and interviews.

(One more thing: this is a living course, not one of those set it and forget it courses that never gets updated. I'll periodically add content based on common questions you ask to make sure you're getting maximum value.)

Ready to commit to growing your list? 

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What's included?

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Learning Outcomes
Companion Workbook
673 KB
Step 0 - Getting Started
Step 0: Introduction
Setting the Foundation
14 mins
A Note about Email Service Providers
Step 1 - Create a Newsletter Opt-In
Step 1: Introduction
Setup Your Newsletter Landing Page
8 mins
Step 2 - Find People and Problems
Step 2: Introduction
Find People and Problems
9 mins
Step 3 - Create a Lead Magnet
Step 3: Introduction
Create & Deliver Your First Lead Magnet
6 mins
Step 4 - Market Your Lead Magnet
Step 4: Introduction
Market Your Lead Magnet, Part 1
7 mins
Market Your Lead Magnet, Part 2
8 mins
Step 5 - Turn Visitors into Subscribers
Step 5: Introduction
Optimize Your Site for Conversion
14 mins
After the Opt-in: Strategies for building engagement
Two ways to connect with your subscribers
How to build trust with the 3 C's of email marketing
What to write about in your emails
Bonus: Using Content Upgrades to Grow Your List
Content Upgrade Workshop Video
43 mins
Content Upgrade Workshop Slides
1010 KB
Bonus: Interviews with Successful List-builders
Interview with Paul Jarvis: Share, don't sell
19 mins
Interview with Corbett Barr: How to grow a list that matters
22 mins
(Video) Interview with Philip Morgan: Why you should email more frequently
23 mins
(Audio) Interview with Philip Morgan: Why you should email more frequently
23 mins
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