Audience Decoded

Stop spinning your wheels.

Right now you feel stuck. You’ve been planning to create your online course for a while now, but you’re not sure where to start. So you keep doing what you know: trading time for dollars to make ends meet.  

But in the back of your head you know that if you could finally launch your course, you’d be on your way to real change.   

The problem is you don’t know what to create. 

You have a few ideas but you’re not sure about any of them. Which puts you right back where you started:

  • Spinning your wheels
  • not launching your course
  • not growing your business

It's time for a different approach.

The truth is you don’t know what to create because you don’t who you’re creating for.     

Everyone says start an email list or build an audience like it’s so easy. Sure, you could get subscribers, but you have no clue how to turn those subscribers into customers.    

So you tell yourself it’s too much work. Or that you’re not disciplined. Or that you don’t have time.    

But the truth is you’re afraid you’ll spend months making a course no one wants. 

Take the simpler path.

It's not about your idea. It's about your audience.

There’s a saying in business: whoever understands their customer the best wins.  

In order to launch a profitable course, you simply need to decode what your audience is saying.    

That means having a clear picture of your target customer, their problems, and the result they want so that you know exactly what to create.

  • Instead of feeling uncertain about your course topic, you'll be able to validate that there’s a market before you start. 
  • Instead of feeling afraid of failure, you'll set yourself up for success by eliminating guesswork.
  • Instead of spinning your wheels, you'll start gaining traction.  

All you need is a roadmap.

Introducing Audience Decoded

Audience Decoded is a no-fluff training that helps you figure out what your audience wants to buy from you. 

It does this by showing you how to stop guessing and start solving real problems. 

After completing Audience Decoded, you'll be able to

  • research your target audience--even if they're not on your email list
  • identify problems, pain points, language and patterns
  • determine if there's a market for your course topic
  • identify products you can create 
  • write better marketing copy so you can make more sales

One more thing: 

You're busy. So I've intentionally kept this course short and fluff-free so that it doesn't hog all of your time. 

What's included?

10 Videos
5 Surveys
1 Multimedia
20 Texts
1 Download

Course Curriculum

Janelle Allen
Janelle Allen
Learning Designer

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Janelle. My passion is helping people get better learning results from their online courses. Unlike other online course experts, my background is in Instructional Design, which means I study how adults learn and make courses based on those principles.

In 2009, I graduated with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from Georgia State University. For the past 8 years, I've worked as a Learning Designer, helping entrepreneurs, mid-size businesses and colleges create hundreds of online courses.

In addition to running Zen Courses, I also host The Zen Courses Show where I interview successful course creators. My mission is to help you create your course with less overwhelm.